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The Execution Division Master (処刑課師匠, Shokeika Shisho) is a character that appears in Akudama Drive.


A veteran of the Kansai Police Execution Division with the designation of No. 658. He has a strong sense of justice, but always remains calm and collected at the scene. He superimposes himself as he was when he first became an executioner on his young disciple Execution Division Apprentice who is burning to take down Akudama.[2]

Back when he was still someone's apprentice, the Master received a wound to his left cheek during a battle against a powerful Akudama in the course of which, having gotten too immersed in the fun of the fight, he also lost his own master.[3]


The Execution Division Master kills with brutal efficiency and no mercy, thus earning him the nickname "Conviction". He is highly-confident in himself and his abilities, bordering almost on arrogance, but he has good reason to be so as he is a veteran. When he speaks, it is usually to give orders to his apprentice, or making witty remarks at Akudama he is fighting. He can be very tough on the Execution Division Apprentice, telling her to do her job properly and to "take out the trash quickly" while letting her fight for herself. But the Master will step in to defend his apprentice when needed to prevent her from getting hurt too badly, and is very forgiving of her shortcomings.[4]


The Execution Division Master wears a white military uniform with a black bandana mask that covers his mouth and nose, underneathe his bandana mask, he has a scar across his left cheek. He has grey-blue eyes, and grey hair, with a long bang of hair over the right side of his face. He also carries around an energy sword on the left side of his uniform when not in use. He stands as the second tallest character in the series, at 190 cm, 10 cm less than the Brawler.


He is a highly skilled martial artist, his hand to hand capabilities outclassing those of the Brawler and his own pupil, and anyone else in the series. His physical capabilities and reflexes are top-tier, with the mental capability to stay calm under pressure and think through given situations to match. When he gets serious in combat, Akudama have a very hard time dealing with him.


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  • Renta! hosted a popularity poll in December 2020, in which the Master ranked 7th with 1150 votes to his name.[6]
  • During a Q&A hosted by the official Akudama Drive Twitter account in December 2020, Scenario Writer Kazutaka Kodaka revealed that the Master received his scar during a battle in which he "got too immersed in the fun of the fight", meaning that him removing his mask to expose it symbolizes that he is returning to how he acted back then.[3]
  • His original code name in Japanese, 師匠 Shishō, literally translates to "master" or "mentor".
    • While Funimation's subtitles use the translation "Master" to refer to him, officially licensed merch has shown to use the term "High Executioner" instead.[7]



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