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BROTHER is the sixth episode of Akudama Drive.


When one Executioner arrives for a showdown, Brawler couldn't be happier. As the bloodbath rages on, Pupil struggles to understand why she was left behind.


Despite his wounds, the Brawler decides to fight back the Execution Division Master resulting into a mortal match. This follows the Akudama's fight with the latter in which the Cutthroat used Brother, later revealed to be immortal, as a shield to protect himself and the Swindler. Upon finding the Brawler's body, the Hoodlum attacks the Apprentice.


  • The title of the episode, BROTHER, along with its themes, are a reference to its namesake, Brother, directed by Takeshi Kitano.
    • Brother protagonist Yamamoto is eventually referred to as 兄貴 Aniki (elder brother), a similar designation to that of Brother, 兄 Ani, who also identifies as the elder brother to his sister.
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