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Ah, nothing beats the feeling of someone's life in my hands!

— Episode 1 - SE7EN

The Doctor (医者 Isha) is a main character of Akudama Drive. Due to killing multiple people and performing surgery on others without their consent, she was classified as an Akudama and given a prison sentence of 432 years.


Doctor is a tall, beautiful woman with pink hair that fades to light blue at the tips, and golden yellow eyes. She also wears glasses that have pink glass and black frames.

Attirewise, she dresses very skimpily, wearing a dark purple sleeveless, strapless bodysuit with a translucent pink strapless crop top with corset lacing at the front and a matching mini-skirt of the same fabric. She wears a white doctor's coat over this, with a stethoscope as a necklace in addition to her bomb collar and a black belt with a gold circle buckle. She tops this off with wearing thigh-high boots with high heels.


Doctor is known for her interesting methods of crime; she will save one life, but kill whoever gets in her way, typically with scalpels or other medical tools. She also has an expertise with chemicals such as tranquilizers. She also alludes to the idea that she gives more sexual favors in exchange for what she wants, displayed when she asks for a smoke from Courier and offers that he, "can have a go" while pressing against him.


The Doctor is a mad scientist who toys with people's lives for fun. She has a calm demeanor and tends to tease Courier. She has a habit of messing with her nails, and her favorite foods are wine and cheese.[2] She enjoys power and likes to feel she has control over the life and death of those around her, with this ambition having been stated to have been her main motivation for becoming a Doctor in the first place.

As seen with her betrayal of the other Akudama's and her employers (both the Brother and later the Executioners), she does not have any qualms with betraying others for her own benefit and to get what she wants.

The Doctor is also shown to have a murderous/sociopathic streak where she has shown to have a habit of killing anyone for no apparent reason other than a whim, as seen where she was shown to have little to no motivation or care to casually committing mass murder by killing all the passengers in the train or air ship she was taking for no apparent reason other than the fact that they annoyed her. Later as revealed by her, she showed to have no problem with purposefully rigging her first aid treatment on Brawler to subtly kill him due to simply finding him to be "annoying", showing how little she actually cares for others.

As stated by her and observed, Doctor possess a very twisted perception of what it means to be a "doctor", with her believing that as she is a doctor, it is her right and role to "play and toy with everyone's life", this includes her own. This belief being her prime motivation for her highly amoral and sadistic disposition towards others and her lack of regret in any of her actions of operating on people for fun, nonchalantly killing people in scores solely due to boredom or purposefully killing someone due to being annoyed with them.

This belief has been shown to have even given the Doctor something akin to a God Complex, with her ultimate goal being is to obtain the power needed to bend "Death" itself to her will, with her wanting the ability to simply want something to "die" and they die instantly and if she wants them to "live", they live.

It is due to this desire that the Doctor has researched and studied extensively in the medical field for the sole goal of obtaining this "power".




The Doctor, believing the Swindler to be an actual Akudama, is immediately wary of her and her methods. Her beliefs are confirmed when the Swindler chooses to defend Brother and Sister from her questioning - as she convinces the group that the Doctor is being a "bully", the latter is taken aback and takes her to the side to clarify that she "sees through her techniques".

Upon betraying the Akudama, the Doctor doesn't hesitate to throw a scalpel in the Swindler's direction in an attempt to kill her, although she doesn't appear to be surprised when the Cutthroat saves her, as she asks her what it feels like be a "protected princess".

When they run into each other again, the Doctor makes it especially clear she cannot stand the Swindler. Calling her a "nauseating woman", she criticizes her manipulative ways and demeanor.


The Doctor displays a certain interest in the Courier, although it doesn't seem to go very far. Early on, she bargains for a cigarette by offering him "a go", which he refuses, leading her to question his sexuality, to which he doesn't answer.

She doesn't hesitate to use him as a method of transportation, sitting behind him on his bike despite his disapproval. She appears to have fun commenting on what he does, notably telling him to stop being "such a feminist" when she finds that he isn't agressive enough towards the Execution Division Apprentice. She tells him the same thing again later on when she finds him working with the Swindler.


Critical of his childish appearance, the Doctor appears to dislike Brother as her boss. She often complains about what little information him and Sister give the Akudama but, being that the Swindler took them under her wing, can't question them as much as she'd like.

Upon realizing that he and his sister are immortal, she doesn't hesitate to betray him and give him to the Execution Division, who treat him as nothing more than a gift to Kantō. Displaying a great interest in immortality, she wishes to experiment on him.


The Doctor is quick to realize that the Hoodlum is easily to manipulate and turn into a personal lackey. Wanting to use him, she decides to let his "bro", the Brawler, die by poorly tending to his injuries.

With the Akudama's mission over, she easily forces him to work with her by threatening him and reminding him of his visible insecurities. She later on sleeps with him, much to his confusion, and states that by doing so she is simply "being true to herself".

As the two of them attack the Swindler and the Courier in order to take Brother and Sister back from them, the Doctor displays complete trust that the Hoodlum will only do as he's told. In an attempt to belittle him, she reveals the truth behind the Brawler's death, not realizing that along with the Swindler's words of encouragement, it'll give the Hoodlum courage to turn against her.


The Doctor appears to dislike the Brawler, seeing him as nothing but a brute. She refers to him, rudely, as a "dreadlocked gorilla", on which he doesn't comment, not appearing to pay much attention to her. She is quick to notice that the Brawler is immune to her medication and poisons, which upsets her; in order to manipulate the Hoodlum and get him on her side rather than his, she doesn't hesitate to kill the Brawler by falsely tending to his injuries, letting him die of hemorrhage.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Medical knowledge: Befitting of her name, the doctor is possibly the most skilled surgeon and medical specialist in all of Kansai. Despite her sadistic tendencies, she possess immense natural talent and skills in the medical field that bordered on superhuman. She has studied all kinds of medical medicines and remedies, both natural and man made alongside highly advanced medical procedures from all across the world and mastered them.

  • Skilled Surgeon: Doctor has surgical skills that go beyond what should be humanly possible. She seems to be capable of healing any wound as long as the person treated is still alive and since she can also heal herself this ends up making her near-immortal. She can close a deep throat wound inflicted on her by a Executioner within seconds and later upon being bifurcated across her waist and split into two, she was able to reattach herself back together despite a normal human being dying within seconds from such a wound. She also has the apparent skill to immediately reattach severed limbs, such as when she reattached Cutthroat's legs and just a few seconds later he was able to walk normaly (without having to go through a recovery period, however this may be due to Cutthroat superhuman abilities rather than the doctor's treatment).
  • Scalpel proficiency: Due to being a Surgeon, doctor uses scalpels as her weapon of choice. Besides being able to use them to provide medical assistance, doctor can easily kill people using her scalpels. She can use them both as close range weapons and as projectiles (possessing immense skills and precision), being able to hold her own against Executioners and hitting her targets without even looking at them.
  • Skilled chemist and pharmacist: The Doctor has also showcased to have the skill to create drugs and other chemicals. She primarily fights by ambushing her opponents and injecting them with her syringes and carries other useful chemical compounds on her, such as a toxic gas potent enough to paralyze an elephant.
  • Medical Eye: Due to her medical training, the Doctor has also shown the ability to immediately tell the physical condition of anyone she sees despite it not being apparent to the naked eye. This is seen when she was able to immediately tell that the Execution Division Master was suffering from his wounds from the previous battles against them and had not fully recovered yet, she was also able to tell that despite his above average physical abilities and him holding his own against Courier, Brawler and Cutthroat, he was still not yet in his top condition with a glance.
  • Genetics specialist: The Doctor has also been implied to have some skills in genetics and genetic manipulation, with her being able to successfully dissect and figure out the secret to the Brother and Sister's immortality and regenerative powers by studying blood samples from the two and has implied that if she closely studied, researched and dissected the two, she could successfully replicate their immortality or possibly create some other abilities.

Superhuman endurance and durability: While she does not have superhuman speed and strength like Brawler and Cutthroat, doctor was shown to possess immense durability and endurance. She can survive having her throat and wrist slashed, being cut into two and being hit by one of the Brawler's throws, recovering from each trauma with little issue. By combining her superhuman endurance with her medical knowledge, the doctor can heal herself from almost any injury.

Pain Resistence: Besides her medical knowledge and physical abilities, the doctor also has immense pain tolerance. She has never once showed signs of pain, being able to stay conscious and perform surgery on herself. Even after being bisected into two by the Executioner Master, she was able to stay conscious, fake being dead and closely observed him in order to tell his physical condition before reattaching herself back together.



  • The Doctor's voice actress, Megumi Ogata, has also voiced two characters in scenario writer Kazutaka Kodaka's main work Danganronpa: Makoto Naegi and Nagito Komaeda.
  • Doctor's english voice actress, Brittany Lauda, is also the director for the english dub cast.[5]
  • In an interview with Funimation, to the question "which character from Akudama Drive do you believe would survive the longest...?", Kazutaka Kodaka replied that in terms of hiding while killing someone, Doctor would be the "smartest and cleverest".[6]
    • He added that with Megumi Ogata as her voice, Doctor was likely to survive, as the characters she voices in Danganronpa are usually "on the surviving side".
  • Renta! hosted a popularity poll in December 2020, in which Doctor ranked 6th with 1342 votes to her name.[7]
  • Her japanese name, 医者 Isha, literally translates to "doctor".
    • She is, along with the Hacker, one of the only two characters whose name's literal translation corresponds exactly to that of Funimation.



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