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The Boss (ボス, Bosu) is a character that appears in Akudama Drive.



The Boss is the strict commander of the Executors. She has high expectations for those who work under her and she does not tolerate failure. However, despite her uncaring attitude, she understands the Executors better than anyone else. She even put in place the Master/Apprentice system as a way to prevent Executioners from dying.[2]

However despite her apparent kindness and empathy for her subordinates, she has also showcased to have immense ruthlessness and decisiveness when dealing with extremely important matters. This is seen during the First Uprising created by the Swindler, where unlike the Police Chief, she was able to come up with the swift and efficient solution to deal with the mass riot evolved to full blown civil uprising in Kansai by designating all rioters as Akudama in order to give her Executioners the right kill them in mass and diffuse the situation. While brutal and causing latent civil unrest within the heart of the people, this move in the end managed to temporarily quell the uprising and put a stop to it, showing her skill and experience in dealing with such matters.

Her ruthlessness reveals itself to be extreme. By using and encouraging excessive violence, the Boss participates in causing a civilian uprising.

Despite her position in the Execution Division, she does not hesitate to lunge at the Courier to execute him herself in the Director's Cut. She is overpowered when her tyranny causes her own subordinate to turn against her.


Boss wears a white military uniform with white boots. She has grayish hair, wears red lipstick and golden hoop earrings. She also has visible face wrinkles. While her exact height is unknown, she is shown to be taller than Execution Division Apprentice who is 165 cm.



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  • The Boss' design was inspired by English actress Dame Judith Olivia Dench, who has very similar hair and is, as well, currently an older woman.[3]


  1. The anime's official profiles currently do not mention the cast's genders. In the original Japanese version of the anime, this character uses feminine pronouns and is hereby assumed to be female.
  2. The Boss' character profile (日本語)
  3. Character designer Cindy Yamauchi on Twitter: "As many of you know, the Boss' model is Judi Dench."


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