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The Black Cat (黒猫, Kuro Neko) is a character that appears in Akudama Drive.


The Black Cat is introduced as a robotic cat that is being used as a way for the Akudama to communicate with their anonymous boss. It first appears to the Akudama on the grounds of the Cutthroat's execution, which the Akudama are meant to stop from taking place, and is seen by the Ordinary Person who runs after it and because of it, accidentally becomes involved in the mission and introduces herself as the "Swindler".

The Black Cat follows the Akudama and continues to detail their mission as they go.

In Episode 4, upon their arrival in front of the vault, the Black Cat auto-destructs. The vault opens, revealing that its voice belonged to a young boy.

In Episode 7, the young boy details his and his sister's origins. The Black Cat turns out to have originally been a vessel for an Artificial Intelligence meant to monitor him and his siblings. When the Black Cat first auto-destructs after leaving the two siblings inside the vault, the Brother has the capacity to reconstruct it from its ashes.


The Black Cat has black fur, yellow eyes and a red collar around its neck. As an AI, it had a robotic voice similar to that of an adult man. As the Brother, however, it had a robotic version of the latter's voice.


As the Brother, the Black Cat appears to be no nonsense, forcing the Akudama into the mission by threatening their lives. It also appears to be exceedingly clever, coming up with a masterplan to bypass the security of the Shinkansen.

The Black Cat is however revealed to originally have been the vessel for an AI. It identifies itself as a teacher to the siblings, and appears to empathize with their struggles, most notably the Brother's, as it claims itself that it was a bad idea to program an AI to have empathy.

It would appear that the robotic cat itself doesn't have a personality of its own, as the AI doesn't seem to conflict with Brother's control upon its reconstruction.



  • Renta! hosted a popularity poll in December 2020, in which the Black Cat ranked last with 392 votes to its name.[1]



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